About Us

More than just insulation!

Our Goals

In these times of growing energy and heating costs and increasing demands for efficient, ecological and cost-effective energy solutions, our company has set itself the goal of developing innovative products for efficient, cost-saving insulation to provide long-term protection of buildings and industrial facilities.

We use innovative technologies to manufacture environmentally friendly products  that ultimately result in enormous energy savings in buildings and facilities and help keep the structure and materials that go into your capital investments intact for the long term.en.

What We Do

The wide range of potential applications makes Bloktherm the ideal product for use when planning and realizing buildings and industrial facilities of all kinds.

The right insulation system is especially important for industrial plants to increase the efficiency of and protect your equipment, reduce costs, and prolong their service life.

Our products can be used in the following areas:

  • Building industry
  • Private households
  • Industrial facilities
  • Agriculture
  • Shipbuilding
  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation
  • …and many other fields of application

More than just insulation …

Our high-quality, innovative products offer a wide range of applications that go beyond reducing heating and cooling losses. The Bloktherm product range includes complementary products that offer effective solutions to combat and eliminate mold and causes of moisture formation.